Time to summarise the past months

Wow, what an intense summer and autumn (not talking about the weather)! CoScene was used in two works of art, first I en demokrati finns det inte plats för idioter that was exhibited during the August. Then in September a story based, interactive “puppet” art installation was born, Eclosion as a part of Göteborgs Stadstriennal och Älvornas strandEclosion will continue to evolve both story wise and considering the different forms of interaction used, and I en demokrati finns det inte plats för idioter will be exhibited again during the spring.

We have identified some weak spots in the software that we will continue to work with and also plan how we are going to take the next step … out in the future.

What is more or less confirmed is that CoScene will be used in two new works of art that will be exhibited in December in Gothenburg, Sweden and in the beginning of next year in Aarhus, Denmark.

Looking forward to let you know more soon but until then a bunch of photos from I en demokrati finns det inte plats för idioter och Eclosion.

IMGP0873 IMGP0870 IMGP0871 IMGP0869 IMGP0882

IMGP0976 IMGP0993 IMGP1005 IMGP1039

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