Slot Car Music – closed this weekend



A seagull family is living just outside the Cat Eyed People’s Playground’s container and last weekend their babies hatched. Due to the family and their need of some ‘privacy’ (and our guests and our own ‘safety’) we have decided to have Slot Car Music closed this weekend.

If you missed the exhibition and wants to have a go at the track send us a message here on our Facebook-page or a mail to and we will find a time to show it to you.

Word Jam – pre-project funded




A couple of weeks ago we were granted with pre-project funding to our Nordic project WordJam from Nordic Culture Point. And now we are ready to get started!

In the project we will explore hip-hop’s opportunities to create a ‘place’ to explore language and music as facilitators for democracy and community. Cooperation, back to basics and using language and hip-hop as a bond between the Nordic countries are the fundamentals.

In the pre-project Sweden, Denmark and Norway will be involved and the aim is to in the future include all Nordic countries.