Research and non-digital planning

IMAG0523During the past weeks CoScene has slowly started to grow. Flow-charts and research best conclude the activities. Since we had a break-in during February where everything of value was stolen including back-up of the past ten years of work we have been working in a very non-digital way while the insurance-company has been working on the refund (which finally came last week). Being forced to create non-digital is a challenge and a relief at the same time. And a lots of fun cause you are allowed to draw silly little figures instead of perfect presentations in Power Point.

We are still looking for input and co-operation, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Documents, programs, planning and prepping

De närmaste veckorna är vikta till planering och förberedelser av projektet. Post-it, gratis software, pennor och papper går varma och tankarnas kaos transformeras till logik (det är i varje fall målet). Ska njuta av försommmaren också mellan varven.

The following weeks the focus is set on planning and prepping the project. Post-its, free-ware, pens and paper are burning rubber and the minds chaos will turn into logic (at least that is the aim). And we will enjoy the beautiful summer an sun during the breaks.