Stories from a wardrobe

Were do you turn when your clothes put a spell on you? Your mind and presence balance on a thin cotton tread. The heals of your shoes appears uneven. The wind of thought tears your dress in pieces. The rain mixed of tears an sweat put stains on your underwear, transpiring through your skirt. All in your mind? All in the opinions and judgements of others? Do you know yourself? Do you know me?

Stories from a Wardrobe presents 10 photographs on Instagram,

Pictures that show fragments of the person pictured in them. Look at the photographs and barefaced comment what you think about the person. Who is s/he? Music preferences? Age? Live? Relationships? Etc.

We also encourage you to share stories of your own related to clothes, identity, happiness, sadness, being measured …

Your comments and stories will inspire and influence the interactive installation Wardrobe taking place during Talk Town 2021. No names or association with you as a person will be made in the upcoming installation.

Shoes that makes you taller. Black to look slender. Three stripes never settle for two. Blue suits you. Yellow is ugly. Lilac is new age hippie. White clothes get dirty. Never wear a skirt that is too short. A dress that is to long makes you look fat. Shorts are for boys. Dress for success. Dress code! Dress like the one you want to be, but always choose the clothes for the occasion, don’t stand out. 

Measured by the way you dress, and how well you fit a stereotype. Never being able to fit it 100% and always identified, defined and valued by the way you appear on the outside. 

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