Stories from a wardrobe, Oracle & Tracks

Time runs away quickly when you are having fun – and what a sumer and early autumn it has been. We are so happy to have been part of Talk Town, Industria and Nordic Summer University the past months. It has been so inspiring and fun, we have learned a lot in the process and through the collaborations and are deeply moved by the relationships the collaborations have given us. New acquaintances we hope will evolve and continue and foster new collaborations. It has also been a challenge due to the pandemic and not being able to have our gallery, Cat Eyed People’s Playground, open as we use to, and due to illness and personal struggles. But we are still here and looking forward to the autumn and winter and growing stronger health wise and artistically.

We will continue to keep the gallery closed until it feels safe to open again. Meanwhile we will continue our collaborations outside our own gallery platform and making online works and exhibitions.

Stories from a Wardrobe is running, and we have gotten some great feedback, and are looking forward to more.

Tracks part 1 and part 2 can be listened to and we are currently working on an adaptation of the visual presentation, which was supposed to be a physical exhibition during November.

Oracle is now spreading light and fortunes at home, as the fantastic Industria at Illutron now is finished. What a performance it was – amazing.

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