Stories from a wardrobe 2020 & 2021

As part of Talk Town 2021 we present 8 new photographs at Wardrobe’s Instagram, and encourage people to use there presumptions and creativity to tell their story about the person in the photograph. The photographs will stay on the page after the festival so feel free to contribute when ever you have time.

The photographs and stories from last year has been turned into a short video.

Stories from a Wardrobe 2020

The stories makes us laugh but also, as the intention was, think about how much we can read into a fragment of a person. Makes you think how much we each day assume and judge each other purely from appearance and how we actively need to adress our own prejudices each day.
Stay open at heart, try not to judge others beforehand and be kind to yourself. We all carry biases and the only way to change is by helping each other addressing and understanding them. And to play with them and to smile at them as we encourage you to do in Stories from a Wardrobe.

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