Stories from a wardrobe @ Talk town 2021

Dress for success. Dress like the one you want to be(come). Always choose clothes for the occasion. Don’t stand out. Never being able to fit in 100 %. Identified, defined and valued by the way you appear on the outside.

8 photographs invite you to share your honest presumptions of the person pictured. 

The comments from last year have been rewritten into eight fictional presentations that will be exhibited together with the photographs online at Cat Eyed People’s Playground during the festival.

Talk Town is a debate festival for the people; a town for conversations about equality, gender and feminism; a forum for dialogue across professional and personal experience; a place for curiosity, network and dialogue.

The festival is arranged in the style of, say, the Folkemødet on Bornholm where contributions from various organisations, experts and activists carry the torch. In this sense, it works as a professional, social and cultural frame for organisations, business, societies, grassroots, activists, education, engaged citizens and many who can contribute with the subjects they are passionate about.

The purpose of Talk Town is to create a platform for network and dialogue with room for disagreement and different perspectives, but always pointing in the same direction: Equality.

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