Industria – an unique immersive theatre and art experience at Illutron.

Tomorrow is the premiere of Industria. Cat Eyed People was invited to create an instillation, The Oracle, for the immersive dance an theatre performance at the art boat Illutron in Copenhagen.

Industria is a unique magical journey. An site specific immersive theatre piece transforming the 800m2 art boat ILLUTRON into a breathing wonderland of steel, performance and installations. 

This multi layered site specific artwork retells Charles Dickens’ Hard Times, a satire of the industrial revolution. Whilst paying homage to the unique Danish History of B and W shipyards through immersive theatre. 

After being guided on board, audience are free to investigate the detailed installation art, engage with the roaming performers and explore our art boat. 

The experience fully integrates Corona safety guidelines. Guests are given PPE style masks. 

For tickets go here.
To read more about Industria go here.

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