Tracks – human traces transformed into music exclusively for the Nordic Summer University

Humans move – we take the bus, tram, car or bike to work, we drop by our neighbors and friends on an evening stroll, we take the dog for a walk, we go on holiday and travel miles to a cottage or across the globe to a distant beach, and so on. 2020 has this far been a year of lockdown, travel restrictions and home quarantine. The human movement has been restricted in ways that was hard to imagine before the beginning of this year, and the restrictions continues to be so, at least over the summer. During this pandemic time we connect digitally, our digital presence is increased and the social interaction limited and distanced.

We are so happy and honoured to be part of the Nordic Summer University summer session 2020 with our new work Tracks – human traces transformed into music. which will be created exclusively for the summer session and the study circle Cybioses.

With Tracks we aim to investigate and interpret the changed state of human movement due to the pandemic and place focus on the more narrow movements of humans that takes place during her/his day(s) – Where do you go during a day, or a couple of hours, or several days? With the data of movements from the participants, by them sharing their GPS-data during a period of time of their own choice, a piece of music will be composed. It might even become more than one piece if the data shared is abundant enough. More info on how to participate will be presented shortly. 

A bit of practical information regarding our gallery, Cat Eyed People’s Playground, at Onkel Dannys Plads in Copenhagen. Due to the ongoing pandemic, and for safety reasons, we have decided to keep the gallery closed until September.

On the 25th of September  we, in collaboration with Talk Town, opens the exhibition Wardrobe. Wardrobe is an interactive installation exploring the impact clothes have and can have on our personal identity and how others, and societal norms define and judge us.

Looking forward to meet you IRL in September and before that through our digital channels.

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