At present Wardrobe by  MizzIsak (Marita Isaksson) is exhibited at Cat Eyed People’s Playground.

Wardrobe is an interactive sound-installation, which consist of six stories related to clothes, appearance and demands from family, lovers, friends, and society to dress, and behave, in a certain ways. And how these demands can interfere, hurt and injure the individual who is exposed to the critical and judgemental comments.

Wardrobe is exhibited together with the photo-exhibition Fragments of I.

The exhibition(s) is open:
2nd Nov 4–7pm
3rd Nov 2–5pm
4th Nov 2–5pm
16th Nov 4–7pm
17th Nov 2–5pm
18th Nov 2–5pm

Wardrobe – Pantyhose’s itch, shoes that make me taller, black makes me thinner, three stripe and not two, no ruffles, yellow is ugly, blue suits you, I hate blue, lilac is hippie, white gets dirty, not to short a skirt, not to long a dress, shorts … dress code … to fit into stereotypes, never to fit in, to identify with, be judged and values on basis on the shoes you wear. By MizzIsak, Marita Isaksson

Fragments of I You tell me that you know me and know who I am. My answer is that you have knowledge of the parts I choose to show you and which I have edited for you. The puzzle that is called I is a continuity of renewal, change, and decay. A thin tread and a compact lump all in one. By MizzIsak, Marita Isaksson


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