Freedom Tour 2022 – what a blast!

In August last year we had the honour of being part of Freedom Tour 2022. To jump on and be part of the caravan was the best decision ever (at least last year). To capture the energy, the teamwork, the magical spirit of it all coming together under the warm August sun, and some rain, was a treasure keeping us warm in heart and mind during these dark months. Dreaming of, longing for and planning for a massive comeback in August this year.

Video by Mai Staunsager

In 2022 Freedom Tour visited Kramnitze Havn, Lolland, Ro Naturcamp, Fejø (both places in Denmark) and Färgaryd, Sweden. The participating artists were Eks-Mænd, Spejderrobot, Mads Mouritz, Played By Us and Willman. Visitors could enjoy South American streetfood by Vamos! and of course play on our contribution, a small version of Race Loops.

Freedom Tour was made possible with support from PULS, KODA KULTUR, Lolland Kommune and Fonden for Dansk-Svensk Samarbejde.

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