2022 – May you be creative, inspiring and dancingly fun!

The past years has been challenging in a ruff way – pandemic, lockdown, restrictions … You know!

To be honest we would love to be dancing on a warm summer beach, plunging into warm salty, water and having late night barbecues with a lot, a lot of people. But life is seldom all easy peasy and we are artists not jet setters 😉 and we love to do art and to meet audience, visitors, old and new friends – and to be artistically and intellectually challenged – to solve problems and develop ideas. So that is the spirit we bring with us in 2022 and we are so hoping and longing to present and meet properly, without distance restrictions further ahead this year.

We will keep our gallery, Cat Eyed People’s Playground, closed a bit longer, until it is safe to crowd in the 6 square meters container again. But soon we hope and plan for a grand opening 😀

Stay safe, happy, creative and dancing ❤

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